Utilizing the truths in trapping, the best available science, ethics, & responsible stewardship to achieve trapping reform.

The Truths in Trapping

One of our standards is to provide you with the facts regarding trapping. We research, document, obtain records, and do our best to be as accurate as possible to maintain our credibility. 

Contrary to the secreted dark world of trapping, we seek transparency for our wildlife and to provide those findings to you. Trapping, in itself, is indiscriminate and inhumane. There are so many wrongs that there is absolutely no need to sensationalize, fabricate or attempt to elicit unfounded fear. Montana is one of the worst in the country when it comes to trapping. Our aim is for you to know the facts and then decide whether or not you support or oppose trapping or at least agree trapping reform is necessary in our state. Knowledge is power and with power comes change.

To learn more "Why We Need Trapping Reform?" click here

To learn more about the disturbing truths in trapping and the many indiscriminate victims, visit our nonprofit charitable affiliate, Trap Free Montana by clicking here.

Photo of wolverine, fisher and lynx and the quote by Aldo Leopold, “The last word in ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant, "What good is it?"

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