Utilizing the truths in trapping, the best available science, ethics, & responsible stewardship to achieve trapping reform.

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Trap Free Montana Public Lands T- Shirt with photo of Bobcat on back

Purchase Trap Free Montana T- Shirt We currently are selling a unisex navy round neck short sleeve Trap Free Montana Public Lands T-shirt which features a small Trap Free Montana Public Lands logo on the front. On the back is the wonderful artistry of a bobcat by Sheryl Hester.

Limited stock.


 unisex navy round neck short sleeve tee which features a small Trap Free Montana Public Lands logo on the front

Trap Free Montana Public Lands Wolf T-Shirt

Purchase Trap Free Montana Wolf T- Shirt Our t-shirts beautiful wolf design was done by Sheryl Hester, a 4th generation Montanan from a ranching family. Hester grew up surrounded by animals, loving them and learning how to respectfully coexist with wildlife while responsibly caring for their family's own animals.

$20 for Youth sizes, and $25 for Unisex and Ladies cut. Limited inventory.

Trap Free Montana Wolf Shirt available in Unisex, Ladies cut and Youth sizes.

"Ranger", by Michael Hoyt 

Purchase Ranger

We also are selling, "Ranger", by Michael Hoyt, a fantasy genre novel touching on the themes of wolves, wilderness, magic, compassion and empathy set in the wilds of Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains.

cover photo of Ranger by Michael Hoyt,"Ranger" is a young wolf, the only survivor of a murderous attack on his family. He must deal with the tragic loss of his pack while learning to harness his newly-discovered magical powers. The desire to be readily accepted by his peers and using his unusual abilities to help protect their wilderness home from human encroachment, provides complications and unintended consequences.

Michael Hoyt of Corvallis, Montana is a long-time wilderness mountaineer. Told from the viewpoint of a wolf, Hoyt says the story was written to help young people experience the existence of another being and to help them understand the shortsightedness of many human actions. "There are two types of people in this world, those with empathy for other beings and things and those without".

Hoyt is unabashed in stating his reasons for writing the book. “Given the importance that wilderness and wild things play in our survival on this planet, it’s far past time to end our misdirected attempts at reshaping nature for the sole purpose of satisfying human demands, who I see as those who will be forced to deal with serious problems of co-existence on the planet. I believe the next generations will have a better chance to make needed changes and to begin repairing the mess left by previous generations, including ours.”

"Ranger" is available softcover format with a cover designed by the young Swedish artist, Elvira Hammarstet. The book is geared especially for ages 8-14. Written in 2015, the book contains 48 chapters in its 220 pages. The cost is $14. Proceeds benefit Trap Free Montana Public Lands.
Limited inventory.

"Beeber The Beaver" By Colleen Barnard

Purchase Beeber The Beaver

Beeber the Beaver is written by Colleen Barnard, author and educator, to further the teachings to our young about beavers and garner appreciation for their plight at the hands of trappers while faith, family, friends and determination perseveres.

The cost is $8

Limited inventory

Children's paperback

Proceeds benefit Trap Free Montana Public Lands thanks to the generosity of Colleen!


Beeber The Beaver By Colleen Barnard


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