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Legislature proceedings

HB212: Short Title: Reaffirm that trapping is a form of hunting protected under the constitution.

Governor Bullock did not sign HB212. However, he did not veto it either and as of 3/24/15 it became law.

Governor Bullock response to supporters can be viewed on the following page.

HB 212 passed in the Senate.

2015-03-09 - (S) 3rd Reading Concurred (Y: 29 N: 21 NV: 0 Abs: 0) [PASS]
2015-03-06 - (S) 2nd Reading Concurred (Y: 28 N: 20 NV: 0 Abs: 2) [PASS]
2015-02-17 - (S) passed the Montana Senate Fish and Game

HB 212 passed in the House of Representatives.

February 03, 2015 - Third Reading      - 64 to 35
February 02, 2015 - Second Reading   - 62 to 38

January 29, 2015 HB 212 passed the Montana House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks committee.We were short 3 votes in stopping this bill.

Please help us thank those members of the House and the Senate who voted AGAINST HB 212

We are disappointed in the one Senate DEMOCRAT who voted for HB 212 BRADLEY MAXON HAMLETT Cascade Sen.Bradley.Hamlett@mt.gov Secondary ph: (406) 264-5885

Senators who voted against HB 212

BRUCE TUTVEDT (R), Tutvedt@montanasky.us

Dick Barrett, Mary Caferro, Jill Cohenour, Robyn Driscoll, Tom Facey, Christine Kaufmann, Jim Keane,Cliff Larsen, Sue Malek, Mary Mcnally, Mary Sheehy, Mike Phillips, Jp Pomnichowski, Diane Sands,Jon Sesso, Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, Gene Vuckovich, Lea Whitford, Jonathan Windy, Cynthia Wolken

rnewbar@gmail.com marycaferro@gmail.com Sen.Jill.Cohenour@mt.gov facey_tom@hotmail.com Sen.Robyn.Driscoll@mt.gov kaufmann@mt.net cliff@larsenusa.com suemalek@gmail.com Sen.Mary.McNally@mt.gov moe.mt.senate@gmail.com mikephillips@montana.net Sen.JP@mt.gov senatorsands@gmail.com jonsesso@yahoo.com Sen.Sharon.Stewart-Peregoy@mt.gov Sen.Gene.Vuckovich@mt.gov Sen.Lea.Whitford@mt.gov SenatorJWB@gmail.com Sen.Cynthia.Wolken@mt.gov


We are disappointed in the five House DEMOCRAT who voted for HB 212

Rep. George Kipp [D]
PO BOX 191
HEART BUTTE, MT 59448-0191
Primary ph: (406) 229-1045
Secondary ph: (406) 338-2298

Rep. Kelly McCarthy [D]
BILLINGS, MT 59101-1624
Primary ph: (406) 839-0071

Rep. Robert Mehlhoff [D]
407 9TH ST NW
GREAT FALLS, MT 59404-2333
Primary ph: (406) 453-3526

Rep. Patricia Peppers [D]
PO BOX 497
LAME DEER, MT 59043-0497
Primary ph: (406) 697-0565
Secondary ph: (406) 477-8226

Rep. Zac Perry [D]
PO BOX 268
HUNGRY HORSE, MT 59919-0268
Primary ph: (406) 261-9642

House of Representatives who voted against HB 212

Rep. Bryce Bennett, Zach Brown, Virginia Court, Willis Curdy, Kimberly Dudik,Mary Dunwell,Jennifer Eck,Janet Ellis,Moffie Funk,Denise Hayman,Ellie Hill,Chuck Hunter,Tom Jacobson,Jessica Karjala,Katherin Kelker,Ed Lieser,Ryan Lynch,Margaret MacDonald,Edith McClafferty,Nate McConnell,Pat Noonan,Andrea Olsen,Carolyn Pease-Lopez,Andrew Person,Gordon Pierson,Christopher Pope,Jean Price,Casey Schreiner,Tom Steenberg,Kathy Swanson,Mitch Tropila,Susan Webber,Kathleen Williams,Nancy Wilson,Tom Woods, brownformontana@gmail.com bennettforhouse@gmail.com Rep.Willis.Curdy@mt.gov Rep.Virginia.Court@mt.gov kimberly.dudik@gmail.com Rep.MaryAnn.Dunwell@mt.gov jennyeck4mt@gmail.com Rep.Janet.Ellis@mt.gov elliehillhd94@gmail.com Rep.Moffie.Funk@mt.gov tomjacobsonmt@gmail.com Rep.Denise.Hayman@mt.gov Rep.Kathy.Kelker@mt.gov Rep.Chuck.Hunter@mt.gov Rep.Ryan.Lynch@mt.gov Rep.Jessica.Karjala@mt.gov ediemcclafferty@gmail.com Rep.Andrea.Olsen@mt.gov liesered@yahoo.com Rep.Margie.MacDonald@mt.gov james.a.person@gmail.com Rep.Gordon.Pierson@mt.gov Rep.Nate.McConnell@mt.gov Rep.Christopher.Pope@mt.gov mtsteenberg@bresnan.net pnoonan73@yahoo.com Rep.Kathy.Swanson@mt.gov Rep.Carolyn.Pease-Lopez@mt.gov nwilsonhd95@gmail.com tomwoods4mt@gmail.com jeanbigskybigwin@gmail.com KathleenHD61@bresnan.net Rep.Casey.Schreiner@mt.gov Rep.Susan.Webber@gmail.com repbsmith@gmail.com tropila@mt.net.  THANK YOU!

ACTION needed: Stop HB 212 Trapping Bill

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