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FWP Needs to Help Wolves Stop CWD

Lions, Bears. and Wolves.......Oh My!
But where is the science?

Take a Minute to insist Montana FWP makes sound science based management decisions for predators.
Deadline is Jan 24, 2018 at 5pm mst.

As Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has now been found in our significantly overpopulated big game in Montana, one of our best natural allies continues to be killed without quota.


Yet, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) is not proposing any changes for wolf regulations. Instead FWP is proposing keep wolf quotas, and the lack thereof, status quo for 2018 and 2019 instituting biennial rather than yearly review.

This is a concerning decision for the bears and lions that also help control CWD and will be subjected to this biennial review. Large predators are much more sensitive to hunting than prey species.

Currently, quotas on wolves only exist in three units, i.e. Two just outside Yellowstone and one adjacent to Glacier.

Quotas of 5 wolves per person whether by hunting, trapping or both are legal in Montana.

Despite all the anti-predator myths, fabrications and hysteria, long before all of us, predators figured out how to keep their prey and therefore themselves fit. Read "The Undeniable Value of Wolves, Bears, Lions And Coyotes In Battling Disease.

FWP reports the 2017 Montana elk population estimates at 176,117. Almost double the management objectives of 92,000!

The others estimated in Montana:
White tail deer at 235,316,
and the ones reported to be most likely affected by CWD:
Mule deer at 386,075 up 20,000 since 2016. Increased 70,000 in just 5 years!
2,650,000 cattle
230,000 sheep

Number of wolves estimated in Montana? "Minimum count 477".

In Montana there are various and increasing hunts, seasons, tags and opportunities to try to reduce these overabundant deer and elk. It is past time we honor what natural predators do best and enable them to do so.

Please speak up for science based management and urge Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks:

  • Quota of 0 in wolf management units (WMU) where deer and elk are in excess of management levels/or carrying capacity.
  • Quota of 0 in WMU where CWD has been confirmed, ie WMU 400 & 390.
  • Quota of 0 in WMU 313, 316, 119 due to poaching, vulnerability, and likelihood of CWD.
  • Large Predator quotas should be reviewed annually. Bears and mountain lions help stop CWD, too!
  • Animals that are killed in excess of quotas, poached and as "incidental catches" in traps, i.e. mountain lions, should come off next year's quota!
  • Wolf trapping classes should only be in person and require testing and passing.

SEND YOUR COMMENT to the Montana Wildlife Commissioners & FWP by Jan 24th, 5pm mst:
Email the individual Wildlife Commissioners:

As of 1/22/2018, 15 wolves in WMU 400 and 24 in WMU 390 have been reported shot or trapped this season. The number grows daily!

Thus far in Montana, 54 wolves have been reported killed by trapping out of the 178 total this season reported killed in the state.

Hunting wolves ends March 15. Trapping wolves ends Feb 28.

To learn more on findings and the research about CWD and wolves:


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