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2021 Wolf Proposals

UPDATE: On August 20, 2021 a dark day was declared for wolves and other indiscriminate victims in Montana. The Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission rejected the majority of the public, rejected the science, rejected ethics, and reverted Montana back 100 years. https://tfmpl.org/alerts/2021-wolf-regulations

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) has made wolf proposals to the Fish & Wildlife Commission for the 2021 wolf season in response to the passage of multiple anti-wolf bills in the Montana 2021 legislature. FWP is proposing the 2021 wolf seasons and quotas for liberalizing wolf "bag" limits, trapping season dates, snaring, night hunting, and use of bait for hunting.


Noteworthy, during the legislative session was FWP's absence, failure to provide expert informational witnesses, and lack of sharing pertinent documentation.

Although FWP identifies some of what must be implemented, they fail to propose or recommend what they are still able to do to try and mitigate this unnecessary, unjust, and unethical war declared on wolves that will cruelly and indiscriminately destroy far more than wolves. At best, they express concern for the trapping of ESA protected species, such as grizzlies. The public and our safety from these monstrous leghold traps and deadly snares remains muted.

In their proposed wolf season option's supporting information, FWP refers to "limited, intermediate, or maximum new tools" in their 17 page document.

In sync with a definition of "tool" as "a means to an end" the primary goal for the vocal and now much empowered minority is to kill as many wolves as possible. This war on wolves remains contradictory to the science and to the objectives for Montana wolf management:
Livestock losses are down and wolf predation make up < 1% of causes of mortality to begin with;
Elk populations remain ~45,000 over objective; Shoulder seasons continue to try to reduce elk populations;
Chronic wasting disease is on the rise including in Region 1, the home base of these kill wolves bills;
Overall big game hunter success is high;
Trappers and killers are having no trouble hitting new highs annually of the number of wolves reported trapped and killed;
The public was overwhelmingly opposed to these anti-wildlife bills in the Montana legislature, some bills 4:1, and from folks of diverse backgrounds;
The planned agenda does not support "increasing broad public acceptance" of wolf harvest as "part of wolf conservation."

For anti-wolfers, though, the only thing some hate or fear more than wolves are the feds. Thus, a priority of theirs has become to try to avoid triggering a review and re-listing of wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

Regardless of the benign nomenclature or lame excuses used, when it comes to trapping these are weapons, not tools, and of mass and indiscriminate destruction. Far more than innocent wolves will suffer and die including rare, protected, threatened, endangered species, and family pets. They know it. You know it. Yet, who is going to get caught, report it, or stop it?

SIGNED INTO LAW by Montana Governor Greg Gianforte:
HB224: Allow snaring of wolves by licensed trappers. Snares are already legal in Montana but had not been for wolves. "Trapping seasons must allow for the use of snares by the holder of a trapping license." Bill sponsor, Rep. Paul Fielder.
HB225: Revise wolf trapping season. Enabling an additional month added to the wolf trapping season beyond the current Dec 15 - Feb 28. This will result in more trapped animals including grizzlies.
"The commission may authorize a wolf trapping season that opens the first Monday after Thanksgiving and closes March 15 of the following calendar year, except that the commission may adjust the dates for specific wolf management units based on regional recommendations." Bill sponsor, Rep. Paul Fielder
SB267: Allow reimbursements for hunting and trapping wolves. A bounty bill driven by an out of state organization. "Reimbursements for receipts of costs incurred related to the hunting or trapping of wolves may be given to persons licensed to hunt or trap wolves." Bill sponsor, Senator Bob Brown.
SB314: Wolf Extermination bill. "The commission shall establish by rule hunting and trapping seasons for wolves with the intent to reduce the wolf population in this state to a sustainable level, but not less than the number of wolves necessary to support at least 15 breeding pairs." In other words, slaughter wolves by ~ 85%. "The commission may apply different management techniques
depending on the conditions in each administrative region with the most liberal harvest regulations applied in regions with the greatest number of wolves. In doing so, the commission may authorize:"
More than one wolf license per person, increased or unlimited wolf quotas per license, the use of bait to hunt and trap wolves, and on private land - night hunting with the use of artificial light or night vision scopes. Bill sponsor, Senator Bob Brown.

Comment may be emailed to the department: fwpwld@mt.gov or
The Montana Wildlife Commission: Email: FWcomm@mt.gov
BE SURE to include in the subject line: Wolf Proposals
Or comment can be submitted online for the 2021 Wolf Season:


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