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SB185 Prohibit Hunting & Trapping Yellowstone Wolves

SB185 Prohibit Hunting and Trapping of Wolves Near Yellowstone.  DIED 
Brought forth by Senator Mike Phillips.

Tabled in Montana Senate Fish & Game after a vote of 9:1.

There was only one legislator who voted for SB185 on the Committee: Senator McClafferty, Edie (D) District 38. Butte. Thank you, Senator McClafferty!

Here are the Montana Senate Fish & Game Committee members: 

TFMPL joined multiple other groups, organizations and individuals for the hearing in favor of SB185 on 2/14/19. When a remaining time limit was called, TFMPL board president allowed other proponents to step ahead in line and testify, in particular, a Native American of the Blackfeet.

Thank you, Senator Mike Phillips (SD31) for sponsoring this bill! There is nothing sporting, fair chase or ethical about killing and targeting habituated wolves simply for crossing an imaginary line. 

These Yellowstone wolves are worth far more alive to many then dead to a self-serving few. 

SB200 permits the killing by a landowner of any wolf if deemed a threat. 

To listen to the SB185 hearing on 2/14/19.
Thank you to the many who attended and participated in this hearing from near and afar!

To listen to executive action, begins just after 16:50 marker.

This image was created by those that despise wolves so much their supporters routinely promote the killing of wolves whether legal or not, i.e."SSS shoot, shovel, shut-up, poison them, gut shoot them, run them over, flatten them, kill them all."

Yellowstone wolves are a particular and very easy target.

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