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HB552 Removing Trap Setbacks on Closed Roads

HB552 Removing Trap Setbacks on Closed Roads Open for Public Use.  DIED!

In order to try to protect the public from these secreted, baited, unattended and unmarked injurious and deadly devices, trap setbacks refers to a distance traps and snares must be set back from trails, roads, campgrounds. HB552 would have permitted hidden traps and snares right on roads closed to vehicles, other than snowmobiles, but open to the public. These roads are coveted by the public for hiking, accompanied with their dog, with children, for cross country skiing, and so on.

HB552 was somehow resurrected on 3/12/19 and passed the Montana House Fish & Wildlife Committee with a party line vote 10:8 advancing to the full House.

However, On 3/15/19, HB552 did NOT PASS in the House in the second reading with a tie vote of 50:50 and the BILL DIED!

During the hearing on HB552 in the House on 3/15/19, Chairman Bob Brown, the bill sponsor, expressed the wording in this bill was based completely on what Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks wanted. However, certainly this is not what Montanans would want jeopardizing their, their children's and their beloved pets safety with secreted traps and snares permitted right along closed roads open for public use!

Thankfully, in the final hour, many TFMPL supporters quickly rose to the challenge and contacted legislators! 

Here is how the Montana House Representatives voted http://bit.ly/2FeVauP 
Thank those that voted against this disastrous bill and remember both when elections come around!
To listen to the hearing in the House

We finally had a win for wildlife, for our beloved pets and children!
HB552 Removing trap setbacks from roads closed but still open to the public, FAILED in a tie vote 9:9 on 2/26/19.
TFMPL gave verbal testimony during the 2/2 hearing  before the House Fish Wildlife and Parks Committee and brought along one of the massive leghold traps set for wolves to share with the legislators. Many of you must have contacted them, too!
This was a horrible and potential deadly accident waiting to happen to unsuspecting outdoor recreationists along with their dogs and their children on these types of coveted roads closed to cars and trucks.
For those that don't know what a trap setback is, it is a distance traps and snares must be set back from roads, trails, trailheads, and campgrounds to try to keep the public safe from hidden, secreted, baited, unmarked and unattended traps and snares. 
All Democrats on the committee opposed. One Republican opposed. Thank you!

Take note, here is how the FWP Committee Representatives voted 9:9 on HB552 to remove the trap setbacks:
Y Brown, Bob (R) - Chair (Bill Sponsor)
Y Fitzgerald, Ross (R) - Vice Chair
N Perry, Zac (D) - Vice Chair
Y Berglee, Seth (R)
N Brown, Zach (D)
N Duram, Neil (R)
N Farris-Olsen, Robert (D)
Y Fuller, John (R)
Y Knudsen, Rhonda (R)
Y Krautter, Joel (R)
Y Loge, Denley (R)
N Runningwolf, Tyson (D)
N Smith, Bridget (D)
N Stewart Peregoy, Sharon (D)
N Sweeney, Mark (D)
Y Vinton, Sue (R)
N Weatherwax, Marvin (D)
Y White, Kerry (R)
The bill language: http://bit.ly/2IqD9gI
Here is the video from the hearing

Here is an article on this bill

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