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HB279 Reimburse"Wolf" Trappers Expenses

HB279 Reimbursing "Ethical" Wolf Trappers DIED in the full Montana Senate 23:27 on 4/1/19!

Having passed in the House and then Senate Fish & Game, thank you to all who helped kill this bad bill that set a very bad precedent!

Here is how the Senate voted.

Referred by allies as the "welfare for trappers" and the "whiskey for trappers" bill, TFMPL worked hard to kill this bill.  After the challenging testimony we gave before the Senate Fish & Game committee, TFMPL was present again for the Senate floor vote. We appreciate the valid points, Senators, such as Mike Phillips and Senator Jill Cohenour, stated on the floor in their opposition to HB279.

There is no such thing as a wolf trapper as traps are left unattended, secreted, baited with scents, lure, food, therefore trapping any unsuspecting animal. Who is going to pay for those animal's injuries and deaths caught inadvertently in wolf trap sets? Trappers certainly don't!

Learn more on HB279 and listen/view the hearings.

HB279 hearing before the Senate Fish & Game Thursday, 3/21. 3:00. Room 422. Passed in Committee 6:4. 

Find your Senator & contact info urging a NO on HB279.

The last thing Montana should do is idolize and follow Idaho and their uncalled for maltreatment of wolves. Peas in a pod, Montana trappers want to join forces with the misnomer named Idaho group, "Foundation for Wildlife Management" better known as Foundation for Wolf Killing. This trap and kill more wolves organization receives $25,000 annually from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  If they were truthful in their claims their war on wolves and bounty system was to help increase lower elk population then where are the donations for habitat restoration, a leading cause for elk population declines in the few areas of the state? According to Montana FWP, 90% of hunting districts are over elk management objectives. Where are the trappers contributions for the effective non-lethal methods for livestock protections? Nowhere. Where are the donations to pay for all the non-target victims of these monstrous traps? Nowhere.

TFMPL submitted written testimony against HB279.

HB279 passed in the House third reading 2/23/19. 49:44
Here is how the Representatives voted.

HB279 passed 10:8 in House Wildlife & Parks committee.

Read Wolf Payout Draws Ethics Challenge.

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