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2019 Legislation

  • HB552 Removing Trap Setbacks on Closed Roads Open for Public Use.  DIED!
  • Here is Trap Free Montana Public Lands (TFMPL) 2019 Montana Legislator's Voting Report Card on trapping related bills.
  • HB517 Establish Trapper Education. Died. Tabled in Committee. Sponsored by Rep. Bridget Smith. TFMPL partnered with Wolves of the Rockies for this bill. HB517 mirrored much of what Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) and in conjunction with the Montana Trappers Association had proposed for a trapper education program to the FWP Wildlife Commission.
  • HB287 "Generally Revise Trap-Checking Requirements"  DIED HB287 Mandatory Daily Trap Checks.
  • HB279 Reimbursing "Ethical" Wolf Trappers DIED in the full Montana Senate 23:27 on 4/1/19!Having passed in the House and then Senate Fish & Game, thank you to all who helped kill this bad bill that set a very bad precedent!
  • SB185 Prohibiting the trapping & hunting of Yellowstone wolves.  DIED http://bit.ly/2I5zu7FTabled in Montana Senate Fish & Game after a vote of 9:1.There was only one legislator who voted for SB185 on the Committee: Senator McClafferty, Edie (D) District 38. Butte. Thank you, Senator McClafferty!

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