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2017 Legislation

Montana Legislators are at it again, backed by the trappers insistent on trying to preserve their unethical cruel recreation that indiscriminately and unnecessarily destroys an average of 60,000 known wildlife annually in our state.

Be on the look out for:

SB236 -  Constitutional referendum establishing right to hunt, fish, and trap wildlife sponsored by Senator Jennifer Fielder, herself a trapper, who is married to a district director of the Montana Trapper's Association, and who, herself, serves as CEO of American Lands Council, an organization whose mission is to seize control of our public lands for their personal exploitation. NO to SB236

SB 236 Detailed Bill Information
LC 1319 - Constitutional amendment regarding trapping, sponsored by Mike Hopkins, HD 92.

Montanans, overwhelmingly, voted in 2004 to preserve the opportunity to hunt and fish within our state constitution........the word trap was never included. There is a very good reason for that.

There is no need for these bills.

Bypassing the daunting task of signature gathering from Montana voters, if these bills are passed by 2/3 of the legislature, a constitutional amendment goes to the voters.
Your letters and testimony will again be needed.
Stay tuned, friends!


image of traps - Montana LC 2314 - Constitutional referendum and LC 1319 Constitutional amendment

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